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But if both want to survive the early game, it might be wise holding off on that temptation until the merge.

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together on the Favorites (Malakal) tribe, both carrying with them very different reputations.

Cirie, the self-proclaimed “couch potato”, developed a reputation as a shrewd strategist and masterful social player in her first season, .

It’s unlikely that Cirie and Ozzy will become best friends and go all the way to the finals together, but a working relationship pre-merge could very easily be on the cards.

There will probably come a point when things break apart, and one will have to blindside the other.

If they were starting on opposite tribes, it could have quickly been swept under the rug.

Now they are forced to either become allies or enemies.Ozzy took a more forceful approach, dictating the votes and blindsiding his fellow competitors, including Ami, a fellow Favorite.During this time he also found a hidden immunity idol and created a fake idol to leave in its place.Recognising Ozzy’s power and the threat he posed, Cirie used this opportunity to plot his downfall; this was the early formation of the Black Widow Brigade.All the women (apart from Amanda) came together to vote out Ozzy, using Jason’s vote to make it happen.where he finished in fourth place after returning from Redemption Island.

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