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This site is designed to assist Buyers, Owners and Restorers in confirming the Specification for the Triumph 350cc and 500cc Machines.

It covers all models such as the Triumph T21, 3TA, 5TA, Tiger 90, Tiger 100 and the Competition, Police and Military Versions.

The long internal springs and damping control are housed within the stanchions. The lower sliders feature cast clamps and at the lower end is a mudguard support that can be hinged down to support the front wheel to assist in wheel removal.

Scroll Down Year by Year or use the Tabs above to direct you to the Other Sections.

When restoring any Meriden Triumph I recommend obtaining a copy of the Parts Catalogue for the year and the Owner’s Manual if available.

For Information and copies of the Brochures, Catalogues, Parts Books, Manuals, Bulletins and Road Tests contact the VMCC Library.

The VMCC Library holds the World’s largest collection of publically available motorcycle literature, covering all makes and models of Veteran, Vintage, Classic and Contemporary Motorcycles and Scooters over 25 Years Old.

You will find detailed information on each model for each year together with sections on Dating, Colour Schemes and Parts.

Additionally there are sections on Triumph History, The Factory Records, Magazine Road Tests and The Works Manual.The Frame (pinned and brazed) comprises a single tube loop main frame with castings for the headset and rear engine support/swing arm.A bolted on sub frame supports the seat and rear suspension while additional welded on brackets are provided for other components.For this early frame the Trail is 64.5 degrees as this matches Triumph practice for the period.The forks are oil damped of conventional Triumph design for the period featuring chromed stanchions held in malleable cast iron brackets with the sliders supported by sintered bronze bushes.The Speedometer is the 120 Mph Smiths Chronometric with the trip meter operated by an extension accessible within the Nacelle.


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