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"That is as far as I can get in terms of a mission statement."Performing the play in an intimate theatre space such as the Arcola, which is the size of a front room, "is about implicating and involving the audience in a horrific set of circumstances", says the actor."The other actress who isn't in the rape scene walked out today.

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Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend enjoyed dinner at their regular restaurant J Sheekey in Covent Garden last night.

The last time we saw the couple on a date night they were wrapped up warm, but yesterday Keira looked Spring-like in her cute outfit.

"I grew up in the Oxfordshire countryside so this café is as close as it gets."Friend, who, much to his annoyance, was best known as Keira Knightley's boyfriend for five years, until they split up in 2010, is starring in the London revival of Dennis Potter's controversial play Brimstone and Treacle, at the Arcola Theatre.

The foreboding weather is a fitting backdrop to our discussion of his latest dark character, Martin Taylor, who wheedles his way into the suburban household of Mr and Mrs Bates.

He is particularly excited about building his own house in east London at the moment.

"I started out training with the builder as a labourer two years ago and now I'm doing it all myself," he says.

I also never forgot something Johnny Depp said to me, which Marlon Brando said to him, 'You only have so many faces in your pocket.' I really admire artists who take the time to recharge their batteries and not continually call on it.

I think you can spot tired and jaded artists quite quickly."Brimstone and Treacle was written for television and banned by the BBC in 1976 for its provocative content, before Potter adapted it for the stage.

star has gotten engaged to his all-star girlfriend, Aimee Mullins!

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