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Friday night was intern braai night, and this included some lovely whites from each of the four producers.

Owen had been observing this particular settlement for some time, and he'd seen some of them come back injured from a hunting party.

They were doomed the moment they brought their dying friends into the stronghold.

Really expressive with a nice mineral twist to the fruit, and a delicate tangerine and grapefruit twist.

Night fell, bathing the South Dakotan landscape in eerie darkness.

"Poor shmucks," Owen said quietly, and he quickly surmised what happened.

The injured hunters reanimated after their deaths, and infected the whole compound.

At the onset of the Zombie apocalypse, everyone thought that only those who got bitten by Zombies would be turned, and everyone was wrong.

These days, any ordinary man or woman who dies, in whatever manner, will rise as a Zombie unless their brain is destroyed to prevent reanimation.

Nevertheless, once upon a time, Sioux Falls was the place that a young mortal man named Owen Stephenson called home.

He first saw the light of day here, and it was also the last place where the sun's rays touched his skin.

If Owen's non-beating heart could still feel pity, it would have been saddened over the destruction of what was left of his hometown. Unfortunately, becoming a Vampire meant ridding himself of a lot of human foibles, such as sentimentality, and that penchant for daytime activities.


  1. What is not under dispute, however, is the fact that Islam arrived in Uganda at least 33 years earlier than Christianity.

  2. S.—an ecumenical gathering at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N. Attendees imbibe 90 gallons of coffee and 175 dozen yeast buns, and the college’s Wait Chapel is aglow with 2,200 beeswax candles.

  3. The integrated use of AMS C dating on marine materials and the tephrostratigraphic approach based on reconstructions of historical volcanic events is fundamental in order to minimize the uncertainties that affect chronologic constraints derived from radiocarbon-based age models.

  4. She tried to bring him to reason but he greedily pounced on her body, rammed his stiff meat down her hairy pussy and pumped it full of his sticky cum.

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