System clock updating

Atomic Clock Sync offers an easy way to configure how often your computer will check in with an atomic clock server to keep your local system clock adjusted for accuracy. We give Atomic Clock Sync away for free simply to encourage you to use and return to World Time for the current times around the world.The default in Windows is to sync every 7 days, but you can easily change this to be more often if you find your computer clock gets behind or ahead too quickly. We appreciate your loyalty and we thank you for sharing our site with your friends, too!

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(step 3 in the linked guide) sits on your motherboard, go buy it, start over, and exchange the battery.

Follow the links to the keywords for articles on the respective steps.

One of the things we take for granted is that clocks show the current time.

When your system’s internal clock loses its time, it can interrupt scheduled tasks or lead to weird Windows errors.

Moreover, a time that’s off by minutes or even hours can make you run late or miss appointments.

If you’re obsessed with seeing the exact atomic clock time on your computer no matter what, you may want to set up synchronization with a remote server.

If you are using Windows Me, 98, 95 or NT 4, you can still download the old release by clicking here.

World Time keeps track of local daylight saving time rules all over the world.

Before you do that, however, please note that an inaccurate Windows clock should not be taken lightly.


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