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Plans for the visit had been kept from the children and the villagers.

The Queen was received by Lord De La Warr, President of the Board of Education, and was taken first to the village hall, which has been lent for use as a school for the smaller evacuated children, aged three to seven.

She was apparently advised that there were security problems if she were to move there. Herbert Guy Maycock, Rector of Coates in Gloucestershire, son of Canon Maycock. Their jobs were various but they are perhaps best known for checking the blackout which was strictly imposed.

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During the war, as a way to save petrol and film stock the cinema newsreels co-operated with their coverage of minor events so as here we have the same (or similar) footage with a different style commentary.

Movietone tended to be the more "formal plumb in mouth BBC" whereas Path opted for a "Sky or ITN" style, often as here, bringing rather more humour to the situation.

He says "From memory this was taken I think at Valley Holme or could have been taken somewhere in the village.

I think this may be of some interest to you for your website." Another picture from Chris Andrews showing her father Arthur Simpson (tall lad at the back) and some of the boys at Horsted Keynes. Chris has other pictures from the era and can be contacted at [email protected] name is Elsie Margaret Barley (nee Wisdom) and was evacuated to Horsted Keynes on the 1st September 1939 and stayed there for three and a half years. Another name I recall was Ronald Roland whom I met at the school at Haywards Heath.

I have many happy memories of the time I lived in the village and we often drive down and have walk to the church. I was 12 years old when we went to Horsted Keynes, and I have some good memories of my time there.

After the war when my brother got married he invited Mr & Mrs Tidy to the wedding in London.

I would love to contact anyone who was there at that time especially Roy Ward or Lily Vine. I had with me my three brothers Ron Wisdom, Derek Wisdom who stayed at the Turner Stores who owned the Crown pub opposite and my third brother Jeff who was billeted with me at Council Cottages. Well hope you are all write (his spelling was never too good) Good by (next word I cannot make out at all) from your ever loving son Arthur xxxx Another evacuee would like to correspond with his old friends. Seems Tom was at the event when the Queen visited but can't see himself in any of the pictures!

Text of the postcard on the right reads: 'Dear Mum I got your letter today thank you for the comics. Here is a picture of Horsted Keynes Rectory in 1940. Princess Diana visited here by helicopter when looking for somewhere to live before her marriage to Prince Charles. Christopher Hugh Maycock, b May 1937, now retired GP in Crediton, Devon The Revd. Dora Blamire Sinker (ne Young) widow of Provost John Sinker of Blackburn Cathedral, mother of Dora Maycock Like other communities Horsted Keynes had its own ARP (Air Raid Precautions) Wardens.

Perhaps a visit from the lady sitting on the right hand end at the front was not so unwelcome!

If you click on the picture of the man top left you will see a larger view which shows that it has been doctored with the face superimposed on another body. If you are specially interested you can get a full quality copy by clicking the picture to open it full size, then right click "save as". Joe Awcock and friends celebrating the end of hostilities.

The keepers couldnt like him he was too much like hard work for them but he had many friends and the village was the poorer for his passing. Pelling was a gentle little lady, a wonderful cook, her cottage was spotless and her home brewed wine was delicious. Here direct from Horsted Keynes Women's Institute record book we find Mrs. Hunted by Captain James Stobart for about 12 years. It seems that most of the village were at the reception so a full quality copy is available by clicking the picture.

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