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In any future war with Britain, the hard-to-defend colony would be easily captured.

See an image of the very check that Russia cashed, here.

Politico notes the purchase anniversary this year, and recalls the more than year-long delay over funding the purchase after the treaty had been ratified. Take a trip through the Library of Congress's Alaska Purchase research portal, here.

Communicating primarily with Assistant Secretary of State John Appleton and Senator William M.

Gwin, de Stoeckl reported the interest expressed by the Americans in acquiring Russian America.

In 1859 the Russians offered to sell the territory to the United States, hoping that its presence in the region would offset the plans of Britain.

However, no deal was reached, as the risk of an American Civil War was a more pressing concern in Washington.Supporters of Konstantin's proposal to immediately withdraw from North America included Admiral Yevfimy Putyatin and the Russian minister to the United States, Eduard de Stoeckl.Gorchakov agreed with the necessity of abandoning Russian America, but argued for a gradual process leading to its sale.Cancellation Policy: We require at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or changes to your reservation.The credit card information you have submitted will be kept on file to hold the reservation - no charges will be processed unless we do not receive notice of cancellation.By the 1850s a population of 300,000 sea otters was almost extinct, and Russia needed money after being defeated by Britain in the Crimean War.

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