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Meanwhile, she wrestles guys for a hefty fee and flies all over the world to do these private shows. They like the scissor holds I apply around their waist or neck, and putting their head in my crotch, or when I wrap my arms around them and smother them in my chest. "After my initiation, I wanted to only do girl-girl. So I agreed to do boy-girl, but only with a condom. She's a highly erotic performer whose acting skills aren't quite up to par with her sexual skills.

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David was mindful of both the Conners and accepted his workload within the house without complaint, in contrast to Becky and Darlene; in return, Roseanne often covered for him when he got into trouble or gave him advice.

Dan often teased David for his less masculine personality and interests,but he recognized that David's good character and gave him advice when he needed it- except when it involved Darlene.

Born: 12/29/1962 Aliases: Ann Dickerson, Blake, Blake Mitchel, Blake Sterling Born: December 29, 1962 Daytona Beach, Florida Height: 5 ft. The videos usually included a good girl-to-girl fight followed by rough lesbian sex. Now she's dating men in Hollywood to move her career into the mainstream. " Blake brings a mature sexuality to her roles, often playing older women or lusty but repressed ladies.

Hair: Red-Brown Eyes: Blue Breasts: 36FF Waist: 25" Hips: 38" Born in 1962, she began doing boxing and cat-fighting fetish videos with other women in early 1995 while still living in Chicago.

The part of David is played by Johnny Galecki, who currently co-stars in the CBS-TV sitcom series The Big Bang Theory.

David is the husband of Darlene, as well as the father of Harris Conner Healy.

As Darlene was Dan's favorite, Dan was more protective of her and he was enraged when he learned David had been secretly living in her apartment for three months; however, he eventually forgave him, although he cold-shouldered David for a while when he learned of their engagement.

When David was emotionally overwhelmed by their decision to remove his daughter Harris from the incubator, Dan consoled him.

Outside of the Porn Industry: Blake leads a quiet private life. A lot of the girls in porn are partiers who have no clue about what is going on in the world." Her mainstream agent is David Wilder.

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