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Nevertheless, high level cyclin E expression has been associated with the initiation or progression of different human cancers, in particular breast cancer but also leukemia, lymphoma and others.

Transgenic mouse models in which cyclin E is constitutively expressed develop malignant diseases, supporting the notion of cyclin E as a dominant onco-protein.

Frailty results in a 3- to 8-fold increase in risk of postoperative delirium, independent of the Euro SCORE II.

“Frail” and “fit” may be considered 2 ends of a continuum, and the risk of postoperative delirium grows as one becomes increasingly frail.

E-type cyclins (cyclin E1 and cyclin E2) are expressed during the late G1 phase of the cell cycle until the end of the S-phase.

The activity of cyclin E is limiting for the passage of cells through the restriction point “R” which marks a “point of no return” for cells entering the division cycle from a resting state or passing from G1 into S-phase.

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In a prospective observational study in elective cardiac surgery patients, frailty was defined using the Modified Fried Criteria (MFC), the Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) and a 35-item Frailty Index (FI).

The primary outcome was postoperative delirium, assessed using the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM).

After adjusting for the Euro SCORE II, frail patients as identified by the MFC were at increased risk of postoperative delirium (adjusted odds ratio [OR], 5.05, 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.58-16.13).

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