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Clearly there’s a world of great TV out there which is yet to reach British audiences, so what would we hope to see on the new service?

HBO Latin America has already given its seal of approval to Prófugos, a series about a family-run drug cartel and Chile’s answer to The Sopranos.

Back to 1987, perhaps, when the still young and experimental Channel 4 launched a chat show which began at midnight and ended only when the guests had run out of things to say.

There was, he warned, too much celebrity sycophancy, obviously orchestrated chaos and hosts who never let their guests get a word in edgeways — all TFI Friday traditions which have largely continued to this day.

If TV commissioners want to breath new life into an old format, they’ll have to go further back than 1996 for inspiration.

TFI Friday celebrates an anniversary this evening with a special one-off episode featuring original host Chris Evans, Jeremy Clarkson’s first post-Top Gear interview and a performance from a supergroup comprising both Liam Gallagher and Ian Broudie from the Lightning Seeds.

While most pop culture nostalgia serves as an unpleasant reminder of the passing years, there’s nothing shocking in the news that this chat show-meets-pub lock-in is 20 years old.

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Buyers at 4World Drama must have an eye on the action-packed Japanese historical drama Yae no Sakura, which was nominated for an International Emmy last year.


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