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In 2010 a racial discrimination suit was won against FMC technologies for allowing the same type of behavior against (11) African-American employees.

Would you want your spouse, your children, your neighbors or your friends to work for or do business with a company that promotes discrimination and employs wreck-less behavior in its treatment of employees?

August 13, 2013 we filed to fight for our civil rights.

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She is gay and has recently began dating another employee.

As soon as word got out, people started whispering, starring and even avoiding the 3 of us. My daughter has been shunned and her once work friends won't even look at her.

When I arrived to take the job everything was fine until they learned that I am gay.

From that day on I have not been able to do my job in the incredibly hostile atmosphere of FMC Technologies.

The report gives these figures in relation to discrimination and harassment more widely.

It is only the figures you quote below - 20% and 21% - that refer to the experience of workplace discrimination.Many companies also provide other benefits:17 Jokes communicate what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior in the workplace.When LGBT employees hear jokes about sexual orientation or gender identity, they perceive them as signals of exclusion.18 Nearly two-thirds (62%) of LGBT employees heard lesbian and gay jokes at work.19 There's good news for those who transition—78% of transgender people felt more comfortable after transition, and believe their workplace performance improved.31 In the United States, the LGBT population’s combined disposable personal income in 2015 was an estimated 7 billion.32 legalized marriage between same-sex couples in June 2015.But, without rules and guidelines, romantic relationships between colleagues may negatively impact our workplace.This policy will set restrictions to maintain workplace conduct and order.For the purposes of this policy, “dating” includes consensual romantic relationships and sexual relations.

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