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The acres of padi fields, bought from wealth earned by his father in Nanyang (Singapore, Sabah) were confisticated.

Upon arriving there, he immediately recognised the tree. We were immediately greeted by the villagers there and took a walkabout tour.

At the community hall, Ah Kong saw his name on the wooden plaque listing all the donations collected from the overseas Toh’s.

I spoke to one pretty girl and she introduced me to the toddler she was carrying. It’s great to see the distant relatives of my kids.

At the ancestral temple, we learned that my kids are the 18th generation of from the first Toh who started this village.

There was an acclaimed movie which received good ratings in Beijing recently.

In it, a wealthy man lost his wealth and commited suicide.

As with most MB&F pieces, words can not describe this piece — you just gotta see it.

So here it is: MB&F HM-4 Panda ONLY WATCH 2011 solid gold panda bear with reins made of twisted gossamer filaments made of gold — riding on top of HM4 jet HM4 Only Watch features the dream-world scenario of a solid gold panda bear riding on top of the HM4 jet, which he controls with reins made of twisted gossamer filaments made of gold.

MB&F returns to the ONLY WATCH charity auction in 2011 with another emotionally charged piece – this time in collaboration with a remarkable Chinese artist: Huang Hankang.

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