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Applicant recognizes that transmission to the credit reporting agency is within the control of the finance companies involved but the timely reflection of the data an Applicant’s credit report is not.

Applicant promises not to hold Our Finance Solutions responsible for any r=negative reporting that may occur as the result of an input error by sponsoring Affiliate Credit Agency; or any of its assignees.

Should any concerns arise from the relationship with any third party company involved with the credit or improvement services, These concerns should be handled directly with that company.

By signing below, I understand that establishing or acquiring new lines of credit with a company is a “best practices” strategy recommended by PFS group and I will not hold Our Finance Solutions liable for any change to my credit once the tradelines appear on my credit file.

Price= $2550 $26-30K Range, 2 – 3 Years History, All 3 Bureaus..

Price= 50 **All accounts upload every Wednesday. Appliance Accounts 7-10K (maximum), 2 Years 6 months History, Reports to Transunion & Equifax Only, Price 00 Furniture Accounts Up to 10K Range, 2 1/2 Year History, Reports to Trans Union and Experian Only, Price 00 *All accounts upload every FRIDAY. Auto Primaries Autos AUTO 25-50K Backdated 5-6 years 50 AUTO 51-75K Backdated 5-6 years 50 AUTO 76-100K Backdated 5-6 years 00 AUTO 100-150K Backdated 5-6 years 00 AUTO 151-200K Backdated 5-6 years 50 AUTO 200-250K Backdated 5-6 years 50 AUTO 250-300K Backdated 5-6 years 50 ACCOUNTS UPLOAD EVERY FRIDAY. POSTS TO ALL THREE BUREAUS Full Name of Applicant: _________________________________________________ (First, Middle, Last) Current Social Security Number: _________________________________________ Date of Birth: ____________________________________________________________ Current Address: ________________________________________________________ Current Phone Number: _________________________________________________ Email Address: __________________________________________________________ Referred By: ____________________________________________________________ CREDIT SERVICE ORDER INSTRUCTIONS & SERVICE AGREEMENT Below is a checklist of items needed to get you started. DO NOT MAKE OFFER TRADES OR ATTEMPT TO MAKE DEALS WITH OUR STAFF, ect.

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