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“It’s a very pretty service, very reverential and contemplative,” said church member Sarah Lee Myracle.“I always look forward to it as a time of reflection.In 1737, John Wesley experienced a Love Feast while worshipping with Moravians in Savannah, Ga.

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However, the Lovefeast contains a variety of service music that engages the congregation while the buns and coffee are distributed, and thankfully, the University covers the several thousand dollar expense to celebrate this unique and moving Lovefeast.

As one who has only participated in Brethren Love Feasts, the experience at WFU was new to me. Yet what I can, I give him, give my heart.” This, for me, was when Advent really came alive this year, as I once again offered my heart to Jesus.

Personally, it was a powerful way for me to emotionally enter into the Advent season, even though I have been intellectually engaged with Advent (having just preached two Advent sermons). Two choral pieces (, brought tears to my eyes as I quietly sang along with the choir: “What can I give him, poor as I am? And it reminded me to be thankful for my experiences in the Herndon High School Madrigals ensemble, for I had to memorize that song for our many community Christmas performances (thank you Mrs. For those who are interested, here is a copy of the Lovefeast bulletin. (choir, then repeated by congregation) Jesus mine, in me shine, (choir, congregation) In me shine, Jesus mine; (choir, congregation) Fill my heart with light divine.

Musical Prelude for Carillon, Brass & Harp Welcome: University Chaplain Rev. Bob Mc Gee Come, Lord Jesus, our guest to be And bless these gifts bestowed by Thee Bless thy dear ones everywhere And keep them in thy loving care. Partaking of the Lovefeast: University Concert Choir, conducted by Dr. (unison) Morning Star, Thy glory bright Far excels the sun’s clear light; Jesus be, constantly, Constantly, Jesus be More than thousand suns to me.

In 1965, the first Lovefeast at WFU was held; it was organized by a Moravian student and there were ~100 people in attendance.

As you can tell, the Lovefeast has grown tremendously in the last 47 years, and it faces one challenge similar to that of early church Love Feasts in the 300s and 400s; namely, it is logistically difficult to provide food and drink to a large crowd!

S.—an ecumenical gathering at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N. Attendees imbibe 90 gallons of coffee and 175 dozen yeast buns, and the college’s Wait Chapel is aglow with 2,200 beeswax candles.

A simple meal But Love Feasts aren’t just for Christmas.

By the third or fourth century, some Love Feasts were celebrated as communal, charitable meals which served meat—a rare treat for the poor.


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