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Bronze sculpture of an elderly Kashubian married couple located in Kaszubski square, Gdynia, Poland, which commemorates their monogamous fidelity, through the time of their separation, while he temporarily worked in the United States.However, this does not take into account the relative population of each of the societies studied, and the actual practice of polygamy in a tolerant society may actually be low, with the majority of aspirant polygamists practicing monogamous marriage.These findings support the claim that the reported amount of extramarital sex differs across cultures and across genders.

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Convenience samples do not accurately reflect the population of the United States as a whole, which can cause serious biases in survey results.

It should not be surprising, therefore, that surveys of extramarital sex in the United States have produced widely differing results.

Divorce and remarriage can thus result in "serial monogamy", i.e.

multiple marriages but only one legal spouse at a time.

The incidence of genetic monogamy may be estimated from rates of extrapair paternity.

Extrapair paternity is when offspring raised by a monogamous pair come from the female mating with another male.

philosophical anthropology and philosophy of religion, as well as theological ones.

The word monogamy comes from the Greek μονός, monos which means alone, and γάμος, gamos which means marriage.

Many surveys asking about extramarital sex in the United States have relied on convenience samples.


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