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The experience is similar to answering a multiple choice test.

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But aside from these kinks, which the brand is ironing out, the response from customers has been positive.

So much so, the company is now planning bots for its other brands, including chocolate brand Fannie May and its gourmet gifts brand Harry & David.

A common chatbot-customer interaction might look like this: Many chatbots work by delivering news, weather updates, and live sports information to subscribers.

For these bots, messages asking them to stop, or temporarily pause, the stream of messages are quite common.

Brands inserting themselves into users’ conversations, via emoji keyboards, for example, hasn’t always paid off: In an oversaturated market, there’s little evidence consumers are actually using them.

But Mc Cann said he was surprised at how comfortable users were with using a bot.“Our biggest concern was customer experience, given that it’s a new channel,” he added. If you go off script, for example, to change your delivery date, the chatbot doesn’t always follow you.Often, you’ll have to go all the way to the end before you can cancel your order and start again.Unfortunately, only 40% of bots who receive a “stop” message actually respond with directions on how to unsubscribe from receiving future messages.Programming a bot to recognize a “stop” or “unsubscribe” request is extraordinarily simple.“Most customers, especially millennials, would rather interact with a robot than a human,” he said.

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