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The Aries woman with her usual impulsiveness will today agree to marry, then tomorrow break the engagement until eventually, the Cancer man's warmth and gentle attitude towards her stops dragging her doubt to the "And why not? Bastion is taken, the fortress has fallen, and now they will have a long family relationship.Cancer man and Aries woman are different, their elements - Fire and Water - are in constant interaction, but do not contradict each other.

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Fire in moderate amounts will make the water warmer, and a large amount will turn even the coldest source into a boiling water.

If both fire and water will be in a measure, the couple of Cancer man and Aries woman can be envied.

She is more then likely gaurding her feelings trying to feel you out more or she is waiting for you to move. He truly is my Prince Charming that Aries looks for.

An Aries mind is almost like playing a match of chess. He TRUELY is my best friend and warms my heart to think about. S*x is mind blowing because how the passion and connection to our souls.

Also a man that can be wrong but has a reason for why. Let me keep you in my life so I have the babe that appreciates me as much as I appreciate you.

You'll get something like this out of Dating a Cancer. Don't wait too long because she can mistake you taking forever as a sign that will never happen.As an Aries i was always the strong one, it feels goos having someone pick you up sometimes.We have out bad times but for the most part this Cancer man is my soulmate.I take care of little things she doesn't do and I know she appreciates them just never gets into emotions.If I don't see her she knows something is up and it's me giving her room and seeing if she cares about me. I'm literally learning how to be better with her because I want her to mean more in our lives.According to the compatibility horoscope, one can see that it depends only on these zodiac signs whether their relationship will be peaceful, or will it lead to a ceaseless battle with each other.

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