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We had to twist the faucet so the knob is on the left side, which feels so awkward and wrong. – on our home, I’m finally starting to learn the lessons:…to trust and choose what I love.

Here’s a closer-up photo of the counters, with the blue walls in the background, and a sheet of the slate tile. Like I mentioned in the last post, I don’t care if slate is trendy or not. It just wasn’t exactly what I’d set out for when I started this process. I had fallen in love with the idea of crystal knobs in the kitchen, and I promise, this was before everyone else was doing it, so it seemed a little weird.

Andy felt “meh” about it, the way he does about anything trendy that he hasn’t had a chance to adapt to yet.

If it was inexpensive, it’d be easier to stomach the change.)So now with the cabinet and counter decisions made, I was left with the hardware and backsplash to try to pull this whole mess together.

I found the slate tile which had the blue of my walls, cream and brown, and went for it.

…To take the time to define and understand my own style.

This is why it’s so important to define your style and follow these decorating rules: .

Huge Mistake #2 came when we finally picked out the cream cabinets we planned to install. You know how they have all the little cabinet doors on display and you can choose the color, finish and style you like best?

We chose the “pearl” finish based on how it looked there, on display, under Home Depot’s fluorescent lights. Take the sample door , look at it in the light at your house, and be suuuuure that it’s the right color you’re intending to buy. Huge Mistake #2: Not making color choices in my kitchen, in the light where they would be installed. In the photo above, Andy had installed the new upper cabinets but the old white lower cabinets remained. I tried to find a professional to paint the cabinets because we didn’t trust ourselves to get the perfect finish, and it was waaay out of budget. Huge Mistake #3: Making more expensive mistakes to save earlier expensive mistakes.

HOWEVER, we bought it so early in the construction process, that in the midst of our kitchen remodel, we accidentally dinged it up, visibly. (Maybe the “scratch-and-dent” idea was a self-fulfilling prophecy? Cabinet upgrades With five years’ hindsight, the money we spent on some of the cabinet upgrades was SO well-spent. I could just crawl in there and splash around amongst the spatulas. And now we have a place dedicated to wine glasses, champagne flutes, and… Ain’t no buns in this oven, y’all.)Future Kitchen Plans I’d be lying if I didn’t say there have been days where I’ve been tempted to just throw caution to the wind and paint the cabinets!

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