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Headed initially by Stjepan Radi, the HSS advocated the reconstitution of the Kingdom into a confederation of peasant republics.After being jailed by Yugoslav authorities in 1925, Radi was forced to renounce this initial dream.While the events in Croatia during World War II have been well-documented by experts in the field, especially within Croatia, this rich literature, dating from both Communist and post-Communist times, remains virtually unknown in the West.

On an annual basis, numerous towns and villages hold ceremonies to commemorate those killed in the war against Fascism.

Croatia is probably one of the only countries in Europe which celebrates Anti-Fascism as a state holiday (June 22) while its Constitution declares that the roots of present-day Croatian statehood lie in its Partisan Parliament, the Regional or Land Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Croatia (Zemaljsko anti-fašistiko vijee narodnog-osloboenja Hrvatske or ZAVNOH).

As a result, the Germans and Italians turned to Paveli who willingly took over the reigns of power.

While Croatians initially welcomed the establishment of the NDH, the mood toward the Ustashe soon soured.

Ultimately, Italy annexed Rijeka and Zadar (Zara), the entire Istrian Peninsula, the islands of Cres and Lošinj and a number of other islands, despite the fact that ethnic Italians constituted a small minority of the population in these areas.

Mussolini's Fascist state took stringent measures to convert these areas to purely ethnic Italian territory.

Sources of Anti-Fascism and Anti-Nazism in Croatia.

The roots of Anti-Fascism in Croatia date from the appearance of Fascism in neighboring Italy.

An Independent State of Croatia (Nezavisna Drava Hrvatska or NDH) was proclaimed and German agents approached Maek asking that he become the head of the NDH.


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