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He had passed over town heading south, but turned back due to the darkness.

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The assumption was that he hit the bank of the river, while trying to land, as he wasn’t familiar with the river.

He was landing toward the town (southerly direction) and on his go-around he turned right 180 degrees and was heading north when he crashed into some tall spruce trees.

It apparently still had all of its contents, including unopened bottles of wine.

It is frequently reported during search and rescue ops, as are the two DC-3s that have been mentioned on your web site." Ken (NAV CANADA retired) Reactions welcome EMAIL (but sure to state the -url- (link) and subject!!!

My uncle was operating a dragline, a kind of digger, which had lights on the long boom so he could work in the dark.

He was repairing a ditch and he said the aircraft came very close overhead and crashed into the trees on the other side of the road.Several years ago, private salvagers pulled a P-39 Airacobra out of Carpenter Lake, NWT, but were stopped by government officials before they reached the US border. After a year of legal wranglings, the Airacobra was successfully transferred to a US-based restoration facility.More than 7.000 US-built planes were flown through the Yukon en route to the Soviet Union during the WW2.He immediately went to help and amazingly there were no serious injuries!; He took the pilot and passengers (I think there were three in total) to the nearest hospital (Arborg, which is about 16 miles away) to get checked out." (No, I have not - Avro Lincoln (correction by Ken Ettie) that sits in the lake at Watson Lake, Yukon.


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