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It stands 30m (100ft) high with an octagonal stair turret probably housing a beacon at the top to act as one of a chain between coast and capital.The tower houses a peel of eight bells (read more on the page about the bell ringers) 14th century nave, is very plain and almost all the roof timbers are original.The Parish The present Parish of Rainham is a very large one and has over 30,000 people living within its boundary.

A number of the brasses in the Chancel were also removed and taken for repair, and at this point it was found that there were inscriptions on the reverse -they had in fact been reused – a Palimpsests. We have taken the opportunity to have resin casts made of the palimpsests and these have been set in a board with an explanation attached, and this is on display in the Chancel.

Following the repair of the brasses they have been relaid in the Chancel.

This was changed rapidly after the demise of the House of York, following the Wars of the Roses, with the rose of Lancaster.

The mediaeval wall paintings and consecration crosses were uncovered in the 1920’s following a chance discovery by workmen of a cross beneath the surface of the south wall.

The 13th century Early English style can be seen in the chancel ,the 14th century period, known as the Decorated, represented in the nave and aisle, with the latest period of Gothic architecture, the Perpendicular most obvious in the 15th century tower.

The church itself is built of Kentish ragstone and flint.Between the chancel and chapel is the arcade, with the two arches nearest the nave dating from the 13th century.The parclose screen inserted into the arcade is a very fine example of 15th century woodwork..The church underwent major restoration in the 1860’sand 1870’s,and there have been several further important periods of reconstruction in the 20th and again in this century, when it was discovered that the main roof and tower were in an advanced state of decay, and required a comprehensive programme of works to ensure the long term safety and integrity of the building.The repairs were initially estimated to cost up to £1million, but were completed in April 2010 for less than £1/2 million.The chapel contains two large marble monuments commemorating members of the Tufton family.


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