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I enjoy this kind of build up the character and also get lucky.

Does anyone have a list of all the girls you can get?

End 1 - Accomplish the princess` mission End 2 - Fail the princess` mission and become a villain End 3 - Accept the proposal of the "musician" End 4 - Join the Black guard End 5 - Refuse the join the guard and travel beyond the post A really good game. Not bad at all, for the first attempt at a fantasy RPG quite entertaining, with a good story, nice character developement and a range of different endings.

There`s the merchant, the courtesan, the bard, the dancer. Defeating final character to win princess gives level 8. Still I don`t know if getting Level 10 is worth it. I agree with Stathis: When will Kelly get her next story for the Kelly adventures?

Wondering why the game goes to level 10, I decided to achieve level 10, with over 500,000 points, 30,000 gold pieces..changes occurred. Got all the endings but the one where you become a villain if someone could write a walkthrough on how to get the different endings that would be awesome but all and all great game with awesome graphics.

I just dislike the idea of grinding to level up, but it`s worth all the effort when you get every upgrade.

LOP i really enjoyed the animation controls of this game however, this game wont make it to my favorites list...

i"ll be waiting for it 1st END: Keep yourself the Goblin Slasher Amulet, and kill the Goblin in the Princess quest. 3rd END: Join the guards, right before going to the last quest, go to the Guard Point.

4th END: At the same point in the adventure, don`t join the guards and go alone. Clicking the save icon doesn`t do nothing apparently.A few glitches: strength is misspelled, armor doesn`t equip automatically, you don`t need the lyrics to be accepted by the border guard, fighting the knight can trigger glitches. (and I never thought I`d say that in PF1) Lots of different endings, random encounters, possibilities of lvl-ing up essentially all the time. Not the BEST graphics and animations for a Games of Passion game but I gave it a 100 because of the adventure sequences and true RPG style theme. I think I`ve gotten all the endings except the sell coin one but it feels like there should be a few more opportunities to sex up the neighborhood before settling down with the princess or heading through the gate. Great game..wonderful graphics, wish it was longer....I had a great time actually playing rather than just going through a bunch of animated sex sequences. I find the game can be won at level 7 for all endings... You have quite a track to rise from 200.000 to 500.000.This way, you`ll be able to save the potions for the difficult fights. Also, in difficult fights, try using the special attacks to lower the enemy`s DEXTERITY and ARMOR, especially if they`re high. I was gonna ask if anyone had success with the Sirens since every time it seemed to fail for me. Well it had an interesting introduction, but Luke`s personality was killing the game play for me.When you have the Berserker moves, it`ll be better. He looks like Vlad the impaler, but has the mindset of a 10 year old pretending to be a hero.I think that this would have been better if there were items that could help control the hit/miss ratio. ok here the walkthrough for each ending ending 1- complete all the quest especially the blacksmith and keep the talisman you get from him.


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