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Bling: The fraudsters are spending their ill gotten gains on fast cars and a high life.

The poor town boasts a Mercedes-Benz garage that the criminals like to drive.

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'These people are smart and adaptable,' said a prosecutor, her desk cluttered with vellum-bound files containing thousands and thousands of pages of paperwork detailing the scale and the progress of police operations aimed at derailing almost 100 ongoing fraud rings - and those are only the ones they know about.

'So the Western Union and other wire offices you see in town?

Prosecutors estimate there are 100 operating gangs - and those are just the ones they know about Then around a decade ago, for no apparent reason other than the spark of twisted human genius, bored young men with more than a passing interest in getting rich quick realised that the unpoliced internet offered a quick route up and out of the drudgery that lay in store of them in the world of nine-to-five.

The gangsters tapped into a huge money-spinner when they discovered the ease with which gullible people from the US to all over Europe leapt (and still do) at the offer of cheap cars, planes, boats and jewels.

He has been writing about the rise of the cyber crooks for years, and knows at first hand the menace that accompanies the computing wizardry.

Then one day, one of them turned up at the school of his seven-year-old daughter brandishing a knife.

'Tell your daddy,' he whispered, 'that if he writes any more articles about us, we will take off your ear.' Menace: Romeo Popescu, proprietor and editor of local newspaper Vocea Valcii who has written about the fraudsters was beaten by thugs after they threatened his daughter, seven, telling her they'd cut off her ear He still writes though.

He said: 'They may be clever kids, but they have powerful people behind them.

In momentul in care va fi fi nalizata implementarea tehnologiei FTTH sau vor fi eliminate motivele tehnice care au impiedicat asigurarea latimilor de banda de pana la 300 Mbps pentru download, respectiv de pana la 100 Mbps pentru upload, Abonatul va benefi cia de furnizarea serviciului de acces la internet cu asigurararea parametrilor superiori mai-sus mentionati.

His suits were so sharp friends joked he shaved with them.

They are not used by the cyber criminals any more but by the families of the many Romanians who have left to work abroad and who send money back to support them.


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