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All saunas in Macau are equipped with wireless internet access and cellphone chargers.

After you undress, wrap yourself up in the provided towel and slide on the provided slippers, you can head to the showers. There aren’t as many showers as there are at some of the other saunas around town but it doesn’t matter much as there’s almost no chance of them all being occupied anyway.

With prostitution being totally legal in Macau, these facilities are often attached to and operated by hotel and casino companies that know what customer service means.

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With everything Macau’s saunas offer it may seem a little ridiculous or trivial to complain about something like this but as always I have to compare the place with other similar setups. It’s at least as big as any other I’ve seen in town.

If this sauna was in New York I’d probably be happy even if they gave me a Speedo thong. That’s a good thing since it means that the likelihood of you sitting next to or directly across from another guy is low.

The sauna in the Emperor Hotel is a good example of why Macau has been described as a sort of male paradise by more than one commentator.

As readers of this website know, I have traveled near and far sampling the best and worst of what’s available in the form of adult entertainment.

She will also ask you if you’d like anything to drink.

All food and drink is included free so don’t be afraid to have at it.

Since so few of the customers seem to be English-speaking I would guess that majority of Western men have no idea these places even exist.

Although the clientele of the saunas are mostly Chinese people of all nationalities are welcomed inside which is refreshingly different from places like South Korea and Japan that have huge adult industries but keep them mostly closed off to foreigners.

As large and accommodating as the Emperor Sauna is, I’ve never seen it get really crowded.


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