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Newsflash: those other man don’t know that that isn’t your boyfriend!

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Carefully selecting from the scores of effervescent thoughts that continuously swirl around in your brain.

This can include acts that threaten women, pressure them to do things against their will or limit their freedom.

Putting it simply, violence is anything that frightens, intimidates or diminishes someone.

[Read: 18 tips to make any girl look pretty and catch a guy’s eye instantly] #1 Look good!

As shallow as this may sound, this is as simple as it can get.

They might also suspect you’re the type of woman who expects men to buy her drinks all night and that’s not enticing.

If you’re out somewhere where all the other women are in dresses and you came in your track pants and hoodie, guys will assume you did not want to be there tonight but some friend dragged you there.

Let people have their bad grammar and their mixed metaphors; the world will probably not end. Know that your rainforest-y peeps are out there and they will not be intimidated; they will be thrilled. What I really want to tell you is that as you experience humans finding you scary and intimidating, you may need to accept that not everyone can handle life in the jungle. As you know, I support you in being the fabulous radiant rainforest-y darling that you are. ) ___________________________ To my dear blogg EEs: Are people intimidated by your intelligence? How would this post be different if it were the smart man’s guide? I think gifted men also scare people, but differently.

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