Spiritual intimacy in a dating relationship

Immersing yourself and your relationship in the truth within the Bible is so important.

Having a firm foundation on the Truth is a cornerstone to having an intimate spiritual relationship.

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Spiritual intimacy in a dating relationship

I do want to make sure to disclaim that this advice should only be considered by couples who are engaged (with the guidance of a premarital counselor or pastor) or married.

If you are engaged, sexual intimacy is something you can begin discussing as long as you are sure to set boundaries that safeguard both of you against temptations.

More and more women no longer care about saving sex for marriage, even if they acknowledge it as God’s best plan for them. Giving the sexual relationship a “test drive” sounds like a good idea (even though research solidly debunks this thinking! They fear losing the guy if they don’t “put out.” Or they may not even remember what they are supposed to be waiting for! It’s for men and women of all ages, married, divorced, and single.

Yes, purity looks different at various stages of life, but the call to holiness doesn’t change as you age.

Attending a church together is the first step to getting involved and is very important.

Listening to the same sermons together and being able to talk about them can really help you learn the other person’s beliefs and it can also be used to challenge each other and encourage each other for Christ!

Here are some ways to increase spiritual intimacy and build up that relationship: Reading along with each other or simply encouraging one another to read and have quiet time is so important.

Admittedly it’s not our strong suite, but that doesn’t change the value of it.

It’s such an easy task that really does align our marriage with God.

Find a time where it’s easy to pray together every day whether that’s over dinner, before bed, first thing in the morning, whatever you can commit to as a couple.

So what does it look like to date at 25, 38, 42, or 60? The reason women ask this question is because the answer can be very complicated.

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