Updating boot partitions required mac

Before we go any further, you should back up your Mac.

While Boot Camp is very stable, anything can go wrong when you partition your hard drive, and you want to be protected.

Windows 8 was bad enough that it forced me — a lifelong Windows user up until that point — to switch my entire family over to Macs. But after seeing how Microsoft has stepped it up with Windows 10 (the Start menu is finally back and Internet Explorer is nearly gone), I’m now interested in giving it a try once again.

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But still, install at your own risk until Apple issues an update for Boot Camp.)After Boot Camp creates your USB boot drive, it will prompt you to choose how much of your hard drive you want to partition for Windows.

This is a critical decision: after you choose, you cannot shrink or expand the partition without completely reinstalling Windows.

Boot Camp doesn’t allow you to easily transfer content between OS X and Windows partitions like virtual machines do, and you can’t run the two operating systems simultaneously.

But it does give Windows full access to the processing power of your Mac.

If you just want access to Windows 10 and only plan on using a couple apps, 30GB will suffice (a minimum of 20GB is necessary).

But if you’re looking to play PC games or use Windows 10 as your main OS, you’re going to want to ramp up the available space in the partition. During this part of the installation, your Mac will restart a few times, ultimately landing you at a screen that will ask you which partition you want to install Windows 10 on.

Once you download your copy of Windows 10 — the full version, not the upgrade — we can begin the installation process.

(You can also buy Windows 10 on a USB flash drive.)Open up Boot Camp Assistant, which can be found in the Utilities folder in your Applications list.

Boot Camp will create a boot drive with all of the necessary drivers.

Now is the time to go outside and clean out the garage, start building a new vision board, or get a head start on your taxes — this is going to take a while.

It took a bit over an hour for Boot Camp to finish the boot drive in our test.(Since Windows 10 is fresh out the box, Boot Camp doesn’t officially support it yet, which could mean some drivers are missing.


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