Tell your children you dating after divorce simple rules for dating my son

That is not to say you can never be angry, sad or have a bad day.You can be all of those things and say how you feel, but all of the details are likely not something they need to know.

Tell your children you dating after divorce

Boundaries are important and by keeping super personal things to yourself it shows them where and with whom it is safe to share personal information.

Your kids do not want to know about your dates or your dating profile. Your kid wants something to connect with you about, and adult things are not it.

For more connection to other parents try TODAY Parenting Team Dear Mom and Dad, I just want to be a kid.

Please don’t talk to me about money or things I can’t control.

Take this time, it will increase their joy and yours.

Dear Mom and Dad, I really need you to be my parent and not my friend.

If you don’t have the money for something you can simply say, “I’m sorry I just don’t have it right now”.

They may cry, whine or ask why however, “I just don’t right now” is a good enough answer.

However, under typical circumstances your child's feelings are more important.


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