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I took to Twitter to see if I was the only one hitting this issue since I was not able to find anything on the web and literally in minutes, I had several dozen replies with folks experiencing the same issue which apparently started several days ago but like most, including myself, thought it was an isolated event.

Upon a successful logon, it would immediately crash with "Shockwave Flash has crashed" message.

I had seen this message plenty of times in the past and usually restarting Chrome would resolve the problem but this time it looked to be persistent even after a system reboot.

For help reinstalling Smilebox, please see our article: How do I install Smilebox on my Mac?

On Saturday, I started to notice that logins to the v Sphere Web (Flex) Client stopped working with Google Chrome.

Please click on the update Flash button and it will update to the version that is compatible with Smilebox. Complete the steps below and then try opening Smilebox again. Your browser may prompt you to update your Flash Player.

If this is the case, simply follow the update directions through your browser.

You may need to un-install the beta build if you had that installed, which you can find here.

For Windows, the path is %Local App Data%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Pepper Flash For mac OS, the path is ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/Pepper Flash On my Windows system, I found that I only had the latest version of Flash.

Earlier this evening, I was looking at the VMware Reddit Channel and noticed a thread had popped up regarding this exact issue and it looks like more and more folks are now noticing.


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