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Also, the pre pottery neolithic isn’t as aceramic as it seems, as there area lot of fired clay statues from the era, and even the odd pot from the era.Pottery doesn’t really get going until 8k BP in the area (oldest 8,300 bp). Filed under: diary entry | Tags: diary | An odd title, but it’s my diary so I’ll call it what I like.

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so much for ES claiming he says proves they were all black. Alpern really wasn’t very complimentary about the datings got from Termit or the standard of archaeology involved in general.

I suppose the only thing that would settle that argument is by directly dating the samples Quechon has with AMS. My only reason for the lack of belief in an independent discovery for iron is the absolute lack of run up technology prior too it – there’s not even pit fired pottery kilns that could have produced it during that era, or a prior history of metallurgy.

Filed under: diary entry | Tags: British Gas, diary | I’m having a ‘little dispute’ over my electric bill at the moment with British Gas.

The tale is long and frustrating, but essentially they claim I’m owe them nearly a thousand quid, and that the last time I paid my bill was a year ago (which is bullshit).

They also didn’t invent agriculture as this the m78 derived chromosomes marking it’s path are either uncommon in the domestication areas of Anatolia/Iran), or have an arrival date tha’s too late.

What they invent was the grindstone which enabled the consumption of cereals and tough mildly toxic tubers, which is probably why they expanded so quickly.

My favourite quote of the page: Evergreen Writes: Some have allowed trolls to take this thread off on a tangent.

But the real threat this study poses to the Eurocentric agenda is that it implies DIRECT migration from “Nubia” to Europe and specially Greece.

Found an interesting interview with Dr Keita on the ancient Egyptians.


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  2. A book by historian and heraldic expert Beryl Platts - 'Scottish Hazard, Volume Two: The Flemish Heritage' (latest edition 1990) - supports the story of the de Verdun family of Normandy's descent from the Counts of Verdun-sur-Meuse in Lorraine. "The first Bigod..Robert 'le Bigot', grandfather of the girls who would marry the two Williams d'Aubigny.

  3. “That.” Angie, the Apache, an old friend of ours, doesn’t approve of Native men dating white women, so when she showed up to the lounge that night, Andrew said, she quickly ordered a drink, banged her glass against his with a welcome-to-town, ignored Erica, used the bathroom, then boomed out the door. In an instant, I saw in Andrew’s black eyes that a heavy thought clicked somewhere in his skull. Often enough the chick’s already taken, and has been since, like, high school. Still, I don’t know how he came to town or on whose dime, and I sure as shit don’t know how he met Erica, but Andrew’s sudden arrival meant something seriously bad went down back home – something he needed to get far away from. “Ma & Pa can’t handle my opposition to Thanksgiving, (Abraham) Lincoln, blind American nationalism and all that jazz.” “Bullshit! I assumed he stayed with Erica or begged Angie to let him sleep it off on her couch. Word is he’s home now, fat & happy and probably with somebody new.

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