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It’s called Super Chat, and allows viewers to pay to pin a comment on live streams.

Soon, when someone goes on a live stream, you’ll see a dollar bill symbol in the chat window.

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In addition you will not be able to record or review Ring videos.

You can still receive calls, intruder alerts, and motion alerts from your Ring products without a subscription.

With Ring Protect Plus you'll receive 24/7 monitoring for your Ring Alarm system and be able to save up to 60 days of Ring videos for a reasonable price.

This lets you check out alerts at your convenience even if you miss one and makes sure that your home is always protected.

You Tube’s product manager Barbara Macdonald said the goal for Super Chat is to help fans reach out to their favorite You Tubers in real time, and vice versa.

“Creators can look at their messages and prioritize their biggest fans during a stream,” she said.

The day that you upgrade from Basic to Plus will become the first day of your new billing cycle. Ring only has one recording and monitoring plan available that includes Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring: Ring Protect Plus for a month or 0 per year. If you signed up for that Ring Protect Plan for recording when you purchased a Ring cam or doorbell you will be automatically signed up for Ring Alarm Professional monitoring at no additional charge. The Basic per month or per year plan only covers a single camera.

When you add a new device to your Ring Protect Plus account, you will be charged a prorated rate for the remaining difference in days between your new product's inception date and the old product's billing date. If you have this plan, you will need to upgrade to Ring Protect Plus to get professional monitoring for your Ring Alarm system.

Ring Protect Plus is only good for one geographic location.

Therefore if you have Ring devices registered in different Locations (say your home and your place of business) you'll need a separate Ring Protect Plan for each group of devices.

If you think better parental controls might be required, the next two and a half weeks are the best time to give You Tube your feedback.

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