Justin timberlake dating rhianna

Justin Timberlake is about to tie the knot with Jessica Biel, but he has romanced quite a few women over the years.Now, one of his earliest girlfriends has revealed some of their "sizzling love letters" from their teenage romance, reports Radar Online.

According to one of our sources, after the big event in February, JT will embark on a huge tour, kicking off in March!

Additionally, according to , Ticketmaster mistakenly added (and then deleted) a March 13, 2018 concert date in Toronto, Ontario.

(Timberlake and Timbaland wrote the song and also contributed backing vocals in the bridge.) In one sequence, Timberlake arrives on a motorcycle to meet Rihanna at her Airstream Trailer.

Timberlake then takes a shower with pink water and proceeds to get up close and personal with Rihanna on the hood of an oldies car.

Finn has left her music career behind and now works in real estate, but holds on to her memories with Timberlake.

She even admits she has a box of letters, cards, photos and other sentimental items from their romance, which ended because she was concerned he was being unfaithful while touring around the world. paper that she and Timberlake lost their virginity to each other.Multiple sources also say the former 'N Sync band member is going to drop a new tune during the first week of January.Rihanna and Leo Di Caprio should be a perfect match -- neither's into settling down with one person for too long -- but now that they're banging ... We got pics of Ri Ri and Leo getting cozy recently at her birthday party -- which he helped organize -- and sources at the bash tell us one thing was clear ... We're told Leo is affectionate enough -- they engaged in plenty of PDA -- but he could barely get a moment to himself.Other scenes from the music vid include Timberlake serenading Rihanna outside her trailer (with a guitar), Timberlake playing a pinball machine and Timberlake laying on a giant rocket while playing guitar.This will be the tenth Rihanna music vid that Anthony Mandler has directed. While Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are no longer together, their two-year relationship definitely lasted longer than most Hollywood couples’!


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