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April’s bad attitude breeds a healthy distrust of all forms of normativity, and empowers her not to care very much about what other people think. And of course she adores her three-legged dog Champion, even though he’s not very good at digging.

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What I love about April, as played with quicksilver wit and subtlety by Aubrey Plaza, is how layered she’s become over the course of the series.

In early episodes, she’s a sulky intern with a semi-permanent sneer.

In season 2, she’s in a non-monogamous three-person relationship with two men who identify as gay.

Introducing them to Leslie, she explains, “Derek is gay but he’s straight for me, but he’s gay for Ben, and Ben’s really gay for Derek.

The show also introduces her sister, nearly identical in both looks and temperament; her doting, bizarrely cheerful parents; and her friend Oren — a tall, pale, raven-like creature who’s constantly freaking everybody out by predicting the dates of their deaths and hiding under tables.

Over the course of the series, April has evolved into a richly drawn character: still snarky and sarcastic and a lover of all things weird, and fundamentally good-hearted too. Besides “awesome sauce,” among the things April hates are Valentine’s Day, outside, brunch, and smiling.

“I don’t like watching you wasting your brain,” he tells her.

“And you’re too smart to stay my assistant forever.” This moment echos an earlier plotline from season 2, in which Chris recognizes April’s intelligence and asks her to come work for him in Indianapolis. April and Leslie have been the smartest people in the room for a long time, but only Leslie has been putting her intelligence to productive use on a regular basis.

A dude who instructs April to smile is likely to end up face-first in a garbage can.

April’s stone-faced cynicism also counters stereotypes of Latina women as fiery and emotional.

And I hate Ben.” Later elaborating on their relationship to Mark (while slyly messing with his head), she says of Derek, “We’re just friends.


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