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And I hate Ben.” Later elaborating on their relationship to Mark (while slyly messing with his head), she says of Derek, “We’re just friends.

April’s version of trying to make a difference isn’t going to look the same as Leslie’s, of course — it’ll be a lot more impatient and grouchy.

Britton made her feature film debut in the independent comedy-drama film The Brothers Mc Mullen (1995), and the following year, she was cast as Nikki Faber on the ABC sitcom Spin City.

Not only does April secretly like other human beings, she also likes some stuff. She couldn’t find a reason to be annoyed with the Grand Canyon, so it’s fair to guess she enjoyed it.

And she’ll never say no to a good marshmallow shooter or a water balloon fight.

And so, without further ado, here are a few ways to model yourself after the awesome sauce (April hates that word) that is April Ludgate. She also hates “talking to people about things,” boring adult stuff like shower curtains and owning more than one fork, phone conversations, and being efficient.

Andy thinks it’s delightful that April hates so many things, which is in keeping with his adoration for pretty much everything about his wife.

What I love about April, as played with quicksilver wit and subtlety by Aubrey Plaza, is how layered she’s become over the course of the series.

In early episodes, she’s a sulky intern with a semi-permanent sneer.

) and that she thinks Tom is funny and at least semi-cool — after all, it’s hard to dislike the inventor of DJ Roomba.


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  2. Women you gotta be smarter than this, go back to his place, keep your kids out of it, and leave the little ones with a babysitter.

  3. On February 10, 1938, when the VTs IK adopted a Resolution changing the administrative-territorial structure of Murmansk Okrug, the city of Murmansk became a separate administrative division of the okrug, equal in status to that of the districts.

  4. Nonetheless, stratigraphy and radiometric dating of Precambrian rocks have clearly demonstrated that the history of the Earth extends billions of years into the past.

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