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But the luxury fashion house was criticised for using white models, proving that cashing in on a cultural sensitive area of the market can be tricky.

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Flick through the racks in a high street store and you’ll notice that wrist-length sleeves and high necks have appeared on dresses, hems are a little longer, and corsets are showcased beneath plain polonecks and crisp, white shirts on manequins.

And it’s all thanks to the rise of something called modest-wear.

Recently, their swim wear collection sold out within days of going online.

“What was available was either frumpy or boring and this is really how the industry came about.

The collision of modest fashion designers attempting to appeal to a wider audience while mainstream brands are trying to appear more inclusive has somewhat put to bed this question, argues Alim.

“Ironically this is no longer an argument any more as all the mainstream designers are championing modest fashion as the ‘go to’ look. However in the earlier days you always wanted to be careful when talking about modest fashion so as to be sure that you weren’t implying that any other fashion was immodest," she says."In terms of being constricted as a consumer segment you need to be careful of what you wish for.It's potentially great if you are fashion conscious Muslim.Simi Polonsky who founded The Frock NYC, an orthodox Jewish fashion brand, with her sister agrees.“I feel that society is slowly taking a turn in that they are focusing less on the nuances of a modest woman’s specific dressing guidelines and honing in on the truth behind the 'modest movement'." Alim says she's had "so many" responses from women who say Aab dresses have given them a renewed sense of confidence, adding: "we want our brand to be inclusive of everyone be they faith or non-faith." As #team Frock ventured outside for a photo shoot of the new #Frock2way the passersby called out 'great models', which I happen to agree with completely 💃🏻.Sharon said we were model citizens, which I couldn't agree with more considering we are 4 very different women, with very different bodies, all wearing the same new Frock.

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