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As it turns out, giving a good massage can get your heart rate up and kick your body into calorie-burning mode.

Sex—and smooching and snuggling and everything else on the spectrum—is great for your relationship and happiness, but intimate time with your sweetie is also terrific for your physical health.

Not only does that "loving feeling" get your heart rate up, it can burn some serious calories, too!

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"If the kissing is vigorous and involves some petting, it could be even closer to 90 calories burned in an hour," says Jaiya Kinzbach, a Los Angeles–based sexologist and the author of .

Try her technique for turning kissing into an honest-to-goodness workout session: "Kiss in unusual positions," she recommends.

"Also try a position where you squat on top of him and then bounce up and down.

This is a great workout for your thighs and butt, and it can burn up to 207 calories in 30 minutes." Perhaps the best way to maximize calorie-burning during sex is to make sure you orgasm.

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