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Idiosyncratic behaviors and language limitations can severely affect these individuals' ability to form friendships.

Additionally, limited perspective-taking abilities and difficulty listening to others can present a challenge in relationships.

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If you find that you frequently misread other people, it may mean you have this symptom of autism.

Many people with autism experience extreme over- or under-sensitivity to stimuli, known as sensory processing disorder or sensory integration dysfunction.

Similarly, romantic relationships can be incredibly difficult for individuals with autism.

In addition to the challenges that come with regular friendships, there are many non-verbal cues associated with romantic interactions.

Adults with autism may find it challenging to make their needs known to others or to start and maintain a conversation.

They may find that the words they want to say simply disappear when they begin talking and processing thoughts into spoken language may feel impossible.

One hallmark of adult autism includes very specific interests.

Many adults with autism are extremely knowledgeable about certain topics, such as aviation, engineering, word origins, and history to name a few.

When you read, any rational person has to ask, WHY?

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