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The surf got loud a couple of nights; there was a hurricane far out at sea and so the waves crashing on the shore covered the sounds of our flesh slapping in the rhythm of sex. I'd wake up with a huge hard on placed firmly between her butt cheeks.

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Now it might seem to those of you reading my stories that all Catherine and I do is fly around, stay in fancy hotels, drink champagne, eat at fine restaurants, spend money and fuck and suck our way across the country. At night, Catherine and I slept nude together in an extra large king size bed, in our suite overlooking the Pacific.

And that we are on some sort of never ending vacation. Keep in mind, I can do my business anywhere (please read my very first story "I Hire Monica The Maid") so you understand that all I need is a computer, a laptop, an i Pad, and a phone to do business. The sound of the surf hitting the sand was soothing and as night fell the air cooled so we could sleep with the windows and patio door screens open.

I also wanted more shots of Monica in some of our new suits; whenever we posted pictures of her website hits zoomed and so did sales.

On the side, without telling me, Catherine talked to Jennifer about having nude photos done; Catherine wanted them as a wedding gift to me.

On that first photo shoot Jennifer wore out little 18 year old Lourdes with pictures in and out of swim suits, on the beach, in the ocean, in the pool, in the hot tub, at the various outdoor showers, in our hotel suite, wherever we could get a nice shot.

I knew that Lourdes would be a big hit on the website so we had in her a lot of different suits and surprise, no suits(!

While Monica focused on getting knots out of Catherine's neck, shoulders and back, Lourdes worked a bit faster, because when Lourdes was done rubbing my neck, shoulders, back and butt, she stopped to spend some time rimming my starfish, which lead to her giving me a post wakeup blowjob.

The blowjob included Lourdes using her mouth, tongue and lips cleaning Catherine's and mine dried juices off of my cock.

I woke up to a slightly less professional massage from a nude eighteen year old Lourdes.

But it was well intended massage; one with a happy ending for me.

My fingers would instinctively move to her nipples, to tease, pull, squeeze and rub. I'd diddle her bare pussy until it got moist and then climb on board, or pull her on top.

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