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Her great aunts in London and Geneva also provided advice and training on respectability, grooming, and decorum.In and around the Vancouver area (as well as Skype), Elizabeth Etiquette now offers advice and coaching to individuals, families, and organizations to help them incorporate courteous life skills into everyday living, encompassing everything from manners to basic business and social etiquette to fine dining.There are a few things that prevent me from answering most emails I get quickly. You should follow up, but don’t be annoying about it. However, if that’s that case, your original email’s subject should include that information. If you send someone a follow up email, it should be much shorter than whatever original email you sent. Do not send follow-up to multiple email addresses In your eagerness to be replied to, do not use your follow-up as a chance to clog up multiple inboxes of the person you want to reach.

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- The sense of smell is one of the most poweful senses we possess.

However, what smells good to one person smells like garbage to another. I know people that must take a bath in cologne/perfume because that is all you can smell.

There are plenty of things that you can use to decorate that are in good taste without offending others.

- I think we have all had that cubicle neighbor that had no concept of their personal volume level.

Because email runs the world, people get hundreds a day.

Some people have mastered the art of Inbox Zero, which is the unicorn-like ability to maintain inboxes where there are no unread emails.

There is one cubicle in particular that has a calendar of bikini women hanging on the wall.

While this might be "cool" in his eyes, the few girls there do not share the same opinion. That would include things that are political, spiritual, sensual, or cultural.

Please don’t just copy and paste the original email and certainly don’t send them another long email. Wait another week before you send them another email, because at this point, you’re being a pest and you’re probably stressing them out. Oftentimes, folks publish their email addresses on their contact page. This means the expectation for replies need not be immediate.

If you can’t find the best email address to reach them, ask via social media. Someone sent me the same email to 7 of my email addresses. It also made me less receptive to whatever they were asking about. Do not follow up through other forms of contact like social media or phone unless your request is urgent When you send that email, do not automatically follow it up with a message to the person’s social media to tell them you emailed them. Do not think someone must reply back to you the moment your note hits the top of their inbox. There is a thin line between persistence and being a pest. Luvvie Ajayi is a writer and digital strategist who believes in using the power of technology for social change.

Offering etiquette classes in Vancouver for people of all ages.


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