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objects, see Data Sets, Data Tables, and Data Views.

Whereas Data Table objects contain the data, the Data Relation Collection allows you to navigate though the table hierarchy.

For more information about working with Data Table objects, see Creating a Data Table.

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Not long ago, “stored procedure” is still the default approach. There is nothing wrong with any of the options there, as long as you know how to use it correctly. It requires developers have good knowledge of the ORM tools they are using. The well-known “Select 1” issue is just one of them.

Besides that, the sql code generated by ORM, like Linq2Sql and Entity Framework is too complicate, far from optimized. Both of the framework heavily utilize Linq Expression, which cause big performance overhead when translating to underneath native SQL statements. NET 4.0) to generate object from the result of data reader. Some of them include: Today, I like to talk about Dapper .net, which is part of the building blocks used in Stackoverflow.

For example, if one Data Table is named "mydatatable" and another is named "Mydatatable", a string used to search for one of the tables is regarded as case sensitive.

However, if "mydatatable" exists and "Mydatatable" does not, the search string is regarded as case insensitive.

The tables are contained in a Data Table Collection accessed through the property.

When accessing Data Table objects, note that they are conditionally case sensitive. When you issue the update, access generates an insert statement followed immediately by a SELECT @@IDENTITY to get the id of the new record. Add Asset @Name VARCHAR(500), @URL VARCHAR(2000), @new_identity INT = NULL OUTPUT AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; INSERT dbo. Value Key point: instead of using 'SELECT TOP 2' or 'SELECT TOP 1', etc. I verified in sql profiler that opening the recordset does not generate any queries to SQL Server.In the following blogs, I will show how to use Dapper Contrib and Dapper Rain bow.Before we start access the database, let’s build our domain objects. As pointed out in the comment below, this process will not work if you are using a different backend than Microsoft Access.


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