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Each victim has a plaque with their name, date of birth, and where they worked at the time of the attack.

The two fiberglass structures frame the location of the former towers across the river. George Theatre 35 Hyatt Street This magnificent 1800 seat theatre opened in 1929 as a vaudeville and movie house.

If you walk along it from the Ferry Terminal you will come to the Postcards Memorial, completed in 2004.

This memorial was the first 9/11 memorial completed in New York City, and is dedicated to the 275 Staten Islanders who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack.

This post is a guide to taking the Staten Island Ferry, a free ferry that offers spectacular views of the New York City skyline and the New York Harbor.

We share insider tips such as the best time to take the ferry and where to stand on the ferry for the best views.

Today these buildings are museums and art galleries, and one is the second oldest concert hall in New York City.

The enchanting gardens include the Victorian style White Garden and the Secret Garden, which has a hedge maze.If you want to enjoy a baseball game at a fraction of major league prices, this is for you!!The minor league season is pretty short, so check out their calendar to see if there is a game while you are in town! George neighborhood If you are willing to take a 10-minute bus ride, visit the historic and bucolic Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden.The lobby is decorated with 13 murals, measuring 6.5’ by 13’.These murals depict Staten Island history and were part of a Depression-Era WPA project.When you finish, consider taking our audio tour of Lower Manhattan.


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