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She went on hiatus from social media to start her mental transition and, two-and-a-half months ago, started hormone replacement therapy—nervous, she says, on the day she picked up her pills, but realizing soon thereafter that she made the right choice.“I’ve always felt I was the same person,” she says. This awesome photo shoot was done by the one and only @denniscahlo This wonderful shirt can be purchased at to @quingtux you did an amazing job with these shirts.

Resident Adam Lottes told WTHR his two horrified roommates found the body of Rodriguez on their way to the apartment gym.'They came back from, well, they didn't work out, but they came back in the morning from going down to the gym, which they usually go to every day at six, said they found a body laying on the ground,' Lottes said of the shocking matter.

In an attempt to revive her, Lottes' roommates administered CPR, which was unsuccessful as the woman had already died by the time she was found.

Everybody wants you to see a video that you put out, but I also wanted to advocate in a way and say, ‘Listen, ladies and boys!

My trans brothers and sisters, y’all can get up there and put a video up, too.’ If the talent is there, they’re going to love it no matter what, and the responses and feedback were so great.“Within a week or so, I got a call from my agents, and they said, ‘Telsey wants you to come in for Hamilton.’ And there it was. It just happened.” She was called in to audition for the role of Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds, originated on Broadway by cisgender female Jasmine Cephas Jones, and says it went “really, really well.” Going in, “It was a little nerve-wracking,” she admits. Even though these people know me, I still haven’t seen them in a while, so I didn’t know how it was going to be received, but when I walked in there and received a hug from the casting [directors], it was just like old times when they first saw me.

It seems other residents of the building found her and immediately contacted police - who later found video evidence showing Cody Weir, 25, walking into the gym where the victim had been working out before she was attacked.

The relationship between Weir and Rodriguez, if any, was not immediately clear.The resident said the gym has since been closed off and the windows concealed, leaving neighbors feeling uneasy.'I asked a lot of people about the canal [before moving in a few months ago] and they said it's really nice and that usually stuff like this hardly ever happens here.It was a shock to me,' he said in the interview with the local news station.Before getting into the nitty gritty of her transition and talking more about her involvement in the theatre community, she clarifies that she now identifies as a black transgender woman and goes by the pronouns of she and her. And, I’m not saying the company [made me feel like] that.As the emptiness progressed, “I started to look into [the transition process] more,” she continues, “because I knew deep down inside I’m putting on a smile for these wonderful people who see me backstage… It was me that was holding myself back because I felt like I had to fit into this mold of what people want to see.” Rodriguez got into performing at age seven, the same age she began to pray about becoming a female.“I feel like trans women need to be seen for more female roles, and trans men need to be seen for more cis male roles because it creates that comfortability…because, at some point, it can sometimes seem like a spectacle, and it can put us in a place of ‘We’re trending.’ I don’t want that.” As far as Rodriguez’s personal journey, her family and friends have only shown support, her confidence has skyrocketed, her dating life has improved, and she feels it “her duty” to educate those in her life about being transgender. You can’t force anyone to understand anything that they don’t want to understand. “To each his own.” Michael Gioia is the Features Manager at

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