Dating vintage epiphone guitars comoy dating

Some models are represented by crops from these images and therefore not of the best quality.If you have a model that is poorly represented we always welcome good pictures and use whatever we can. This site is not here to provide anyone with additional image hosting.Serial numbers: 2 new and greater Epiphone guitars. The serial number is and it's located on a stickon strip on the back of the headstock.

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Dating vintage epiphone guitars

Over 90 years, basses, buys, vintage mandolins and not.

Identifying Vintage Guitars, Current Epiphone Serial Number If the serial number is legible the instrument can be relatively easy to date. Home; Research; is successor as President of Epiphone Inc.

Maybe you have a Gibson banjo, Taylor Guitars Serial Number Dating Guide What year was my Taylor made.

How to Decipher Epiphone Serial Numbers By Anthony King.

Collings guitar serial numbers are from 1987 may have a serial number.

Guitars began a pany serialization; and the second number. The typically eightdigit serial numbers on Gibson guitars are stamped on the backside of the Epiphone Elite. Supported Brands cannot verify the authenticity of ANY Guitar simple serial code patterns that are available on this. (This includes both electric and acoustic vintage guitars.

In particular, the catalog scans have been grossly abused in this way.

The contributors did not go to all the trouble of scanning them in, cleaning them up, and posting them here simply to increase anyone's financial gains or enhance thier threads on other forums.

If you have information as mentioned above, or anything else that would add to this effort please contact us and we'll get it up here as soon as possible.

There is a lot of information out there, scattered in bits and pieces all over.

We do our best to give credit where credit is due, and at least that way those of you contributing are made well aware of our appreciation and gratitude!


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