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He’ll say something and you’ll think, “Bilmey that’s a brilliant observation,” and you’ll go, “Oh no that’s Billy Connolly” and it happens with brilliant people al the time.

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CB: Well I really hope you find a nice girl and settle down.

RB: There’s a difference between fun and the senseless and deliberate lowering of the consciousness of the planet talking about spurious gossip!

In just over one week, Brand will be making new headlines: professionally. 13, fans of the comedian can start downloading online. Well firstly I’d undermine you so that you don’t feel too cocky.

The show was filmed over four sold-out nights in Los Angeles back in the spring, alongside comedy greats like Eric Idle and Eddie Izzard. I’d make you bear in mind that you’re absolutely expendable, that your time in power is transitory, then I’d tell you about this thing which is a good old fashioned knockabout show.

But then again, Pips was never any good at having a woman’s back, was he? Russell Brand however, even though it’s well over now between him and Katy Perry, and even though she’s been messing around with a mega douche, he still has her back.

Full Story Katy Perry and Russell Brand watched the much-hyped new Lakers lose their home opener last night.

(If I had the time I would manage a Charles Barkley appreciation Tumblr because...

he’s a treasure, he really is.) Anyway, Russell was there with two young companions and it seemed like (at least to me) it was a Big Brother or a volunteer situation, which, obviously, is super sweet.

Full Story A year ago they were in India getting married and petting tigers.

To celebrate their one year wedding anniversary, Katy Perry and Russell Brand spent the weekend in New York.

Russell Brand has a new documentary coming out called BRAND: A Second Coming. And everyone’s talking about how he talks about his failed marriage to Katy Perry, specifically about their lifestyle and how intolerable it was to maintain a relationship under the duress of fame and fortune.

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