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Stanford.” Confident in her sexual irresistibility, her hand went to my erect cock in my pants. Her scream simmered down to whimpers as my two fingers disappeared between her tight ass cheeks. Allen, your ass is slowly getting used to being widened or as the books call it gaping.” “It still hurts,” she whined. “Just relax and I think you will feel the shift from slight burn to sweet tingle,” I explained.

Feeling my nine-inch cock, she purred, “Hmmmm, impressive.” “So I have been told, ” I smugly retorted. I continued the wiggle inside her sweet ass slowly widening her.

She again whimpered, although it sounded more like a whimper of joy than pain.

It would still be a tight squeeze, but that I liked.

I got behind her, my nine-inch cock ready for action.

Her whimpers continued, yet her complaining had ceased.

Finally, content I could fit in her virgin ass, I pulled my fingers out and looked at her open ass.

Her ass immediately tightened, but I warned, “This will go a lot better if you relax, Ms.

Allen.” Although you could see and feel her nervousness, she did relax the best she could as I pushed forward, ever slowly, breaking past her tight entrance.

“Aaahhh,” she let out, as I widened her virgin ass for my cock. Allen, your tight ass is almost ready for my cock.” “Oh God,” she moaned, as I explored her insides with my fingers.

Finally confident I had prepared her as best I could for her anal deflowering, I slid my fingers out and quickly moved my cock into position again.

I have had ridiculously attractive mother’s flirt with me, and even straight out offer me sex, to not expel their child.

I have had very pretty teenage girls offer themselves to me on occasion as well…but I had always resisted the temptation.

Once she left, I said, “Go on, Markus.” “She was asking if the rumour about the size of my um-well-um…” the shy nerd paused. I smiled, “How long had you two been in the room before you were caught? Sitting down, she made sure she showed a lot of leg. Don’t you dare miss a drop.” Impressively, she continued her eager bobbing and soon was rewarded with my salty seed.

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