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Pupils have been told that they must wear the school coat as part of their uniform when walking between buildings.

Parent's of the children have called the ban 'ridiculous' as it stops pupils wearing a coat that they feel comfortable in.

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Kerri Barnes-Dredge, 41, told The Sun it is pointless buying a coat as her Year 11 daughter is leaving in a few months.

She added: 'My daughter has a hacking cough and this will make it worse, it's freezing.' 'The kids can wear other coats to the gates but if they're on show on school grounds, their coats are confiscated until the end of the day.'If there are fire alarms, they're not allowed to put a coat on unless it's the school one, and that has happened while it's been cold.'If her coat was confiscated, my daughter wouldn't have time to collect it until the end of the day, when she has to be at the bus stop on time - otherwise I'd have to drive and collect her.

A reporter from The Argus found that children could be seen leaving school shaking from the cold as temperatures fell to 2C yesterday in Patcham.

Speaking to The Argus Head Teacher of Patcham High School John Mckee, said: 'They are allowed to wear their coats to school, it is only when they are on the school grounds that they need to put their school coat on.

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I think a lot of parents would say 'don't leave the house without a coat on'.'It has always been a rule at school, they just now have an option for something else.

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