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Further, an exploit pack typically provides a user-friendly web interface that helps the attacker track the infection campaign.

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Translation: vulnerabilities in the code provide cyber-criminals with the opportunity to infiltrate their own code into the victims’ computers.

From there, they can do pretty much what they want, including collecting your login data, your credit card information or encrypting your computer and asking a hefty ransom.

(And you should protect yourself, not wait for Flash to die its natural death). And they spell trouble when it comes to cybersecurity.

These apps and technologies are constantly exposed to vulnerabilities which turn into cyber threats which, more often than not, turn into fully-blown cyber attacks.

The software makers, in this case, Adobe engineers, work on an update to fix the Flash vulnerabilities.

They release the update – sometimes relatively fast, because users are sure targets for cyber attacks – and more bugs appear. Here’s how cyber-criminals use vulnerabilities in Flash or other software to penetrate your system: That’s why we insist that unpatched software is a huge security threat.That is if you’re still relying on Flash, even though the numbers don’t look good.Do you how many Adobe Flash vulnerabilities were identified in 2017 alone? And out of those 63 security vulnerabilities, 57 were critical, allowing information exposure, allowing attackers to bypass intended access restrictions and obtain sensitive information via unspecified vectors or to execute arbitrary code.In six weeks, millions of Flash users can be compromised.And the worse news is that they usually become victims of cyber attacks.It targets browsers and programs that a website can invoke through the browser.


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