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I’ve heard good things.” Or, throw out a comment like, “Wow, I’m not sure if that painting is the best backdrop for this restaurant. ” And if the opportunity presents itself, add a compliment, like, “Those are terrific shoes” (though the last one can be a little tricky and must be sincere).

By and large, people connect and communicate via visual, auditory or kinesthetic (VAK) means, according to Rabin.

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Gone are the days of clear advances and major sexual innuendos.

“There is not much to be gained by the skirt hike in this bracket,” says Susan Rabin, author of cleavage, wearing something see-through/too tight or other obvious sexual signals.” And, guys, that means you’re sexual-innuendo jokes and double entendres won’t cut it. For example, Rabin suggests that in lieu of blatantly flaunting her décolleté, a woman would be smart to wear a pendant that dips down a little lower than usual.

“Try a simple ‘I couldn’t help but notice you and thought I’d say hello’ to get the conversation rolling and if things go well, ask them out for coffee.” In honing the art of flirting, there is something to be said for a well-timed glance and grin, which is so effective it actually works at any age. “You can do that if someone’s nearby or if they’re across the room, but when you give those signals, if there’s reciprocal interest, he/she will usually get the hint and move closer,” says Rabin.

Catch the eye of the person you’re trying to attract and look at them for no more than five seconds: This clearly sets up the “Hello, I see you” signal. Wait a couple of seconds before looking up again, but this time throw in a smile when you catch your target’s gaze (you can even go big and add a slight head tilt, too). Gain flirting mileage by giving off “approach me” body language.

Bottom line: You’ll seem trashy instead of appealing. “It still draws a man’s attention to her bosom which is a turn-on for the typically visual male, but it does so without a direct ‘look at my chest’ message,” says Rabin.

The point is, you can be sexy over 50 but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to be sexy.

Since you grew up during a more traditional age, these efforts will appear to be nothing but charmingly old-school. Seriously, if you’re over 50 and you try to entice someone with pick-up prose, the result will likely be crash-and-burn.

“Using ‘Your legs must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind’ rarely works for this age group,” says Rabin, who suggests a carrying a prop (a book, for example) or making a comment on something he/she is wearing as an opener instead.

Oftentimes these little skin grazes can be even more titillating than a full-out physical offensive.

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