Validating filenames with regularexpression validator

From tcl: I did some experimenting with other strings, like "just a HHHHEEEEAAAADDDDEEEERRRR". You can create a regular expression to check an IP address for correct syntax.

event, but this event happens AFTER the files have been added to the queue.

I have tried to remove the event and add it again after I have looped through all the files, but this does not work; the event gets called for each file I remove.

The timings on my computer were about 22 microseconds for this version compared to 28 microseconds for the regexp/scan combo (I removed the puts statements for the comparison because they are slow and tend to vary).

Note that the pure Understand that this expression is an attempt to see if a string has a format that is compatible with normal RFC SMTP email address formats.

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Is there any way to apply regex validation to file names on the client side?

(I have validation on the server side atm but there is no need for the client to upload files that are not valid).

LV: Apparently no one has come along and updated the above expression to cover these.

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