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He did, however, think it would be a good idea to play a series of board games. You’ll always feel good after helping others, and that feel­-good feeling is beneficial for a relationship’s growth.

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But the kicker was when Angie thought that when Nick headed upstairs to check on a absinthe-tripping Jess, it was actually code that they should partner swap so she hopped on Sam's lap and attempted to seduce him.

Nick eventually broke down and confessed to Angie that he has feelings for her and that he needed her take it down a notch with the pube doodles on his armpits (that happened) and such, which seems reasonable.

She agreed, but took off in the middle of the night with half his stuff.

So it seems like Nick is going to have to find someone a little more on his slow speed to eat potato salad out of the garbage with.

Have you ever dated someone totally different from you?

As a Houston relationship counselor, I can’t count the number of times that couples have told me that they feel like they need marriage help because they’re in a rut in their relationship.

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