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My name is Emma Johnson and my goal is to help you build a full, awesome life as a single mom. On the tough days it is stressful, exhausting and lonely. That shaped a lot of who I am, how I think about money. And I have enjoyed dating and my body in ways I never imagined.I started Wealthy Single when I realized a huge need for community, information and inspiration for women like me: Professional single mothers. There is an unprecedented number of women parenting alone. There are 10 million unmarried moms heading families, and 57 percent of births to millennial moms were outside of marriage. But moms like you don’t always feel like they fit in. But life as a single mom can be brilliantly fulfilling – even if you don’t stay a single mom forever (hello, dating! I am here to help single moms like you build an amazing family, career and love life. This is the only site devoted to professional, single moms. After a few years as a (poor-ish) newspaper reporter, I started working for myself as a freelance journalist and writer. When my daughter was born in 2008, I’d cut down to 12 hours per week of work. I am at my strongest, my happiest, and in every sense of the word — my wealthiest.

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The accolade, already enjoyed by such culinary gems as Gruyère cheese, Scotch whisky and Cornish pasties, would mean that only Krainer sausages produced in Slovenia could be sold by that name.

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Bier macht dick, und scharfe Sachen zerfressen den Magen und die Leber, und es ist schwer, dabei zu schreiben.Consider other food fights currently taking place, whether it’s Lebanon versus Israel in the debate over the creation of hummus, Australia against New Zealand over the invention of pavlova, or the three-way battle between Chile, Bolivia and Peru over the origin of the potato.These disputes often reach surreal proportions – such as when New Zealand, in a calorie-laden rebuke to Australia, baked a pavlova big enough to feed ten thousand people, or when South Korea launched kimchi into space in an attempt to assert its sovereignty of the pickled vegetable dish over Japan.This news was hard to swallow for Austria and Germany, undisputed kings of the sausage world, which complained to the EC that “Krainer” is a generic name for various pork products in both their countries.Into this combustible mixture jumped Croatia, which argued that the sausage was just as popular south of the Slovenian border. “We’re not going to allow anyone to deny us the Krainer,” declared Niki Berlakovich, the Austrian Minister of Agriculture.Soluzioni personalizzate per ogni cliente nell'ambito di direct marketing, web marketing, web software.

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